As Wails Turn to Squeals


These days you need the hide of an elephant if you share conservative leanings and voted for Brexit. At least, that is if you dare venture onto social media, where a frothing plethora of time-rich academics, students and librarians, BBC staffers, and other subsidised species of vote losers like to hang out in consoling packs and vent their fury by shutting down opponents.

Back in the real world, many people have conservative leanings (Brexiteers and Remainers) when you scratch the surface and ask them in private, away from the wailers, about what they really want to see (and would rather not see) from Government. Back in the real world, those with conservative leanings successfully vote in governments and read newspapers that most often reflect their opinions and beliefs – this hurts the amusingly-called Progressive Left who continue to set up ridiculous entities like Stop Funding Hate and Hacked Off as if the Web wins elections and as if they can stop sensible Brits from reading what they want. These are measly crowdfunded sandcastles trying to stop the reality of the irrepressible tide of British public opinion and Brits’ centuries-old penchant for gossip – vessels of spuming hate disguised as hate-stoppers, manned by tin-foilers and the busted, and not fit for licking even phantasmagoric Canute’s sandal straps.

Meanwhile online, Remainer-dominated social media services like Twitter seem increasingly weird, as the nation, particularly anyone involved in the real world of business, has come to accept Brexit, and wish that everyone would just shut up and get the hell on with it, so that ghoul for business – uncertainty – swiftly disappears.

Back in the real world, thanks to EU leaks and the likes of imperialistic Schulz, the Remainer 48% has shrunk to a negligible rump. Forget the new Remainer majorities stated in Twitter echo polls, Politico and Haw Haw’s Financial Times. Look at The New European with its circulation of a mere 20,000 a week. Dwarfed by our humble publication, Country Squire Magazine, even when The New European’s web audience is considered. “The New Pop-up Paper for the 48%” is The New European’s strapline. Surely the Advertising Standards Authority should now intervene and nab The New European’s Alastair Campbell before The Hague does, for peddling misinformation? (One would have hoped he’d have learnt the last time).

Sure, there are plenty of ardent Remainers in parliament but none of them is stupid enough or that befogged by grog to risk going against the will of the British People, who will happily dispatch Black Rod headlong into the Thames if their vote is watered down or ever meets genuine resistance. Imagine the Countryside Alliance march of 2002 times twenty with some participants so enraged, this time they will come prepared. The odd threesome of Clegg, Clarke and Adonis will not be hotfooting to Barnier in Brussels for moral support, they will be fleeing there for asylum, likely alongside a quivering Mr Blair in his private jet (presuming The Hague has not already nabbed him too).

Those who are both Brexiteers and conservatives who dare dip a foot onto Twitter are inevitably at some point going to be accused by opponents of being one or more of thick, racist or sexist, partly because the Left and extremist Remainers have been so stung at the ballot box of late and their edifices are still crumbling. Partly because these are the default defence mechanisms of diehard Remoaners and the Left (who often happen to be one and the same on Twitter and in the real world).

Notice how, in recent weeks, the desperation of these groups has escalated to accusations of white supremacism! Either as a new string to their defence mechanism to ward off their ballot box conquerors, or to extend, in their eyes, a pool of victimhood in which they can still find solace and wallow. This white supremacy accusation is thrown in a less point-blank way at Brexiteers in talk of the wall of gammon or by shock-jock commentators like David Aaronovitch discussing Brexiteer culls on the BBC. Those of his ilk remarking how the digital world now needs law and order, because the digital world empowering people politically is a threat to their once cosy version of democracy.

Previously, whites accusing white majorities of white supremacism was the remit of extremist cranks, like Professor Noel Ignatiev, who was so left wing he left the Communist Party of America to start his own sect. Or those German Green nuts – the shampoo avoiders – ranting about how Germany needed mass immigration to eradicate white Nazism from its blood.

Now this kind of scatter-gun abuse is all over social media emanating from the Remoaner rump and the anti-conservatism Left. All Brexiteers and conservatives are lumped in. How can this be? Back in the real world, it’s hard to find white supremacists in Britain or the West – they are as few perhaps as the readers of The New European or the black supremacists of Black Lives Matter. Most people tend to have some grey matter, thank God, and are neither racist nor supremacist, nor readers of The New European.

This new tactic can only be desperation. What else can it be? The last throes of losers – those mortally wounded with just about enough energy to pick up the nearest object to convert into a projectile. Any kind of projectile. The loser’s tragic final act as they realise they have just picked up not a stone but the desiccated excrement of a doggie.

Back in the real world, the truth about Brexit is not nearly so bad as the losers make out. We know why we voted. We knew there would be disruption, but we were confident enough then and now to rise up and thwack away any threats. We won the vote and we will win the future. Who’s going to stop us? Soubry? Juncker? Owen Jones? Is Guy Verhofstadt really looking for some free orthodontics? They will all scarper at our communal roar.

I tend to not do Twitter. I don’t have the time to waste like my opponents, nor the patience to wait for their responses. Just the occasional chat with mates, or sporadic retweet to promote an article or express camaraderie of thought or humour. Pandora’s Box is fascinating for a glimpse but will eventually do one’s head in during the course of a lengthy stare.

As Brexit approaches, as Momentum succumbs to infighting, as the Far Left realises the 2017 Election was a protest against “Hard” Brexit, as even Trump solidifies his chances of a second term; as the wails of the losers continue to increase in pitch to dementor squeals – as you get labelled a white supremacist even if you are black or Asian – just remember that the real world is your Expecto Patronum.

Just log out, dear friends, log out.

Let the wazzocks stew. Their game was up long ago. Back in the real world the referee blew his whistle months ago.