The BBC Must Fall


The Americans are way ahead of us Brits when it comes to fighting the culture wars. Their films are better quality, their best e-warriors have ditched their bedrooms for studios and content can be found across the board adopting one or another worldview. The Americans even have the #WalkAway movement, which is beginning to really grate with the enemy…. “Once upon a time I was a Liberal….” In the UK we are still struggling with monikers, unsure of whether to call Liberals “liberal” and whether we should dare use the “c” word of conservatism.

News that the BBC employs a ridiculous number of transgender staff (417 or 2% of a total of 21,239 staff when a fair representation of UK society would be at most 0.00761730652%) is yet another symptom of Brits losing their flagship broadcaster to Marxist-driven ideologues (the transgender activists are at the bleeding edge of the culture wars for those that didn’t know, and invariably on the side of the equality-of-outcome Marxists). We all know how the BBC props up the flagging Guardian. We see our licence fees being spent on sick puff pieces for paedophiles on BBC3. The socialist prophet Gary Lineker trousers more than £1.75 Million from the BBC. For decades the BBC has been involved in some of the grimmest sex scandals. Yet we are obliged to pay £150.50 a year for an increasingly repellent organisation that can only be reflective of the British market were it to be privatised and only the core glue of the nation (World Service, some basic news and intelligence toys) be kept under minimal Government subsidy.

“It’s a bit like walking into a Sunday meeting of the Flat Earth Society. As they discuss great issues of the day, they discuss them from the point of view that the earth is flat.

If someone says, ‘No, no, no, the earth is round!’, they think this person is an extremist. That’s what it’s like for someone with my right-of-centre views working inside the BBC.”

– Jeff Randall, former BBC business editor

Why the rant against the BBC?

Because, and I am repeating myself on these pages of Country Squire, without reclaiming the BBC the culture wars in the UK are lost. Alternative media will always be just that – alternative. All we stand for as Brits is besmirched by the BBC’s growing theft of the word British by our ideological opponents. Without conquering the BBC, we are storming the beaches and soon taking back France but leaving Berlin to its own devices – to regroup and continue to pound our land and culture with its freedom-destroying shrapnel. I’ll say it again – the BBC is the key battleground. It funds a Neo-Marxist Postmodernist hive that is currently winning the culture wars in our country and, literally, we are paying for it.

So, what to do?

In the past I have said we need a BBC Referendum. Maybe, in time, that will come to pass. If not, then stop paying your licence fee. It’s that simple. Yes, break the law. It’s a just war. Satyagraha. It will annihilate those unsound people in the organisation who want to prize the innocence from our children, reduce past achievements to apologies and turn Britain into part of the globalist blancmange – they are all penniless without their refuges, of which the BBC is the very worst. Apolitical “single-issue” campaigns that focus on “winnable demands” run by a well-oiled, staff-heavy organisation – the BBC – straight from the Alinksy handbook. Hardly rocket science. The Postmodernists favour the BBC public teat above all others.

Mark my words, this war will be won. By the sound. But while the sound remain “nice”, we will lose. Until we learn to synchronise and fund-starve successfully, the unsound will still have a chance of reviving bloody Marx on the backs of Alinsky and Trotsky. Distractions like Gab and Twitter merely disable some useful culture warriors, who get conned by their own echoes. Meanwhile, we are still caught up in the Gordian knot of the Postmodernists’ vocabulary.

So, let’s pinch the enemy’s best tactic. Focus on numbers of people rather than throwing sound money at competitor BBC’s. The Licence Fee is the BBC’s Achilles Heel – our route into Berlin, so to speak, and the ultimate victory for freedom.

Let’s admit that Alinsky’s ploy worked, and he spread a very simple message throughout the community:

“Look, you don’t have to put up with all this shit. There’s something concrete you can do about it. But to accomplish anything you’ve got to have power and you’ll only get it through organization. Now, power comes in two forms — money and people. You haven’t got any money, but you do have people, and here’s what you can do with them.”

Stop paying the Licence Fee. If necessary go to jail for refusing. If enough of us resist, then we win. The market wins. And the enemy is routed, just as it is being sliced through stateside right now.