Out of Touch


Watching Theresa May doing a tour of radio stations has been eye-opening. No doubt one of her wonks has written her a list saying “sell the Brexit plan to the Cabinet, the DUP, the EU (twice), Parliament and the People. Radio and TV tour vital”. They left off the adjective “dead”.

It is the wireless tour that May has been focusing on this week. It is the People that May should have been focusing on since she became leader of the Tories in 2016 but failed to live up to the task. Her performances behind the microphone were flat as she parroted out pre-agreed answers as if by rote. Frankly the interviews would have been more interesting if May had been replaced by Alexa. May is not in touch with the People and she can never become the People’s Champion she needs to be to sell any deal to them.

Compared to the Golden Eagle that was Thatcher, May is a wounded sparrow. It is difficult not to feel sorry for her. Yes, she was handed a Herculean task that only a strong leader could succeed at – she accepted that task. And she has fallen flat on her face. She has proven herself a weak leader and a rotten negotiator to boot. The EU has run rings around her negotiating team – just as Sir Nick Clegg predicted – and she has never (not yet) walked away from negotiations, as she should have done.

May thinks the People are tired of Brexit and will suffer any deal. She is wrong and out of touch. She has lost our trust through her lies. Each day her nose grows longer. People are furious with her meek capitulation to the EU mobsters and she will see us out on the streets unless she drops her stinking plan and fast retires from Number 10.

Now the true Brexiteers are out in number and their pitch is sounder and their voice louder. The likes of Tim Martin of Wetherspoon’s describe May’s deal as a “national humiliation” and he’s listened to by Brexiteers. Even the BBC are running videos of northern chip shop workers talking of “civil war” should Brexit not be delivered.


The fact is that the People cannot be sold to anymore by this tired political class – social media has made the average Brit that much more politically savvy – and the consequence of May’s lies can only be the perpetuation of the shredding of her reputation. As for her fellow MP’s – whatever kompromat the whip’s office has on them, the seething anger in their constituencies is far worse a prospect than having their sins published by the Mail on Sunday.

The Brexit deal that May has agreed with Brussels is a disgrace, so Parliament is right to bin it. The talk of another referendum is incredibly dangerous as it could result in civil war – certainly in mass civil unrest which will damage the image of Britain permanently in the eyes of many, so it is not an option. A negotiated no deal now seems the most likely option – with a new leader, who conjures the latent bulldog spirit, shuts down Britain’s detractors who have grown confident under May’s weak leadership, and signs off on a last minute negotiated settlement with the EU mafia on the matters already agreed (air traffic, security etc) to ensure a less bumpy exit for both Brits and our European friends.