The Abuse of Identification


Child abuse is nothing new, though the market has certainly diversified in modern times. In the good old days, most families had an uncle whose hugs were overly-affectionate, just as many a parish vicar was renowned for their ‘hands-on’ approach to pastoral care.  But it wasn’t all bad – Uncle George’s Christmas and birthday gifts were always generous, and at least mum and dad got a lie-in on Sundays.

Thankfully, like most crimes, the consensus is that child abuse is on the decline. Cue the State, which has finally found something of which it approves, and has no intention of giving it up. The problem with child abuse it seems, is merely poor marketing. Liberal PR departments have been in overdrive in recent years, and have given our old friend a comprehensive makeover.

For example, the consensus is that ‘systematic gang-rape’ across the northern towns of England sounds bad, but the euphemism grooming rolls off the tongue much more smoothly. Grooming used to be a yearly treat for the family pet, however I think the jury is still out on its latest incarnation.

Liberal acquiescence to genuine sexual misconduct is transparent. You only have to examine the mainstream’s vilification of those who speak out against it.

If gang-rape is not quite your cup of tea, fear not – the State has an array of products to suit your budget, all conveniently branded as education. Schoolgirls are currently being banned from wearing skirts, since it might upset transgender pupils. Best friends are out too, since they’re shamelessly non-inclusive. Expecting your classmates to speak English is now racist, as is any toddler objecting to curry; not to worry though, it’ll all go down on your child’s racism file for life. Speaking of racism, if you notice any thirty year old men masquerading as secondary school pupils, you’d better hope your parents don’t object.

The vanguard of the State’s assault on young minds is focused on gender – principally the destruction of masculinity (sorry, toxic masculinity), by pretending that gender is a social construct. To assist in this matter, they have hired drag queens to ‘read’ to pre-schoolers,  installed gender-neutral toilets in case any child feels confident about their sex, and are reluctant to use gender pronouns for obvious reasons.

If Ofsted’s remit was merely to judge how well schools confuse their charges, we’d have arguably the best-performing schools in the world. No wonder snowflakes mince their way to university, requiring safe spaces from free speech, and trigger warnings for capital letters.

The latest addition to the confusion syllabus is the encouragement, nay the coercion, of vulnerable children to undergo gender reassignment without parental knowledge. According to last week’s whistle-blower, children are being pressured by older pupils, influenced by online transgender celebrities, or even tricked by teachers into potentially irreversible surgery.

The State has realised what religion has known for millennia – get them young, and you’ve got them for life. In these secular times, schools have morphed into Liberal churches. Our children are naturally too young to vote, pay their own bus fares or come face-to-face with controversial ideas, but are never too young for mutilation. The State is winning: the number of children referred to gender identity clinics has quadrupled in the last five years.