A Prayer for Venezuela


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust my weekly prayer finds you well this week and that your families are happy and healthy.

It is not my role to criticise economic or political systems. However in Venezuela how can one come to any other conclusion? What we see now as violence prevents a convoy of aid reaching Venezuela from Colombia are the last throes of a regime which has bitterly divided the Venezuelan people and now kills those who resist. It is obvious to anyone that the Venezuelan Government’s strategies since Chavez took power have failed. Why can they not see that themselves and have the good sense to flee from the seat of power in Caracas?

Rotten governments are obvious to see. The Web allows us a minute by minute bird’s eye view of their unfairness and the tragedies they bring about. It is always ordinary people, especially those who have reached their limits and are forced to resist, who suffer most.

So today let us pray for the people of Venezuela. Let us pray that the dreadful government of Maduro is removed soon and that this proud country in South America may rediscover its capacity for progress and peace.

Have a brilliant week. God bless.

Dear Lord,

We now unite our voices as we ask You to look on the people of Venezuela. Give them Your full, undivided attention. Hear their cries. Heed their prayers. Help them, O Holy Lord. Break the enemy’s stranglehold, bring down the illegitimate government, compel patriotic men and women in the military to abandon President Maduro. Above all, we ask that in this desperate hour, You turn the hearts of the people to You.

Blessed Deliverer of the oppressed, Defender of the weak, we call on You to protect the innocent, bring to justice the guilty, and set Venezuela free…without a massacre.