“No deal is better than a bad deal”. Can you trust anyone these days?

Cheshire Police put out a statement on their website advising people not to believe sab social media claims over hunting. A day later their PCC David Keane counters that with a statement saying the comments made by his own police force were inappropriate – giving the sabs their get out of jail free card. There were even some sab groups wanting an apology from Cheshire police for their original website statement.

A Freedom of Information Request to Cheshire Police asking Keane exactly what comments were inappropriate turned up nothing. Keane doesn’t have to answer the FOI apparently as they are just comments. Notably the police never took down their statement either – this should cause Keane some embarrassment. But it won’t – like Theresa May the Liar he too pretends it never happened and carries on within his controlled political bubble where important differences which mean a lot to the public seem to mean little if anything at all to public servants.

So the sab twitter mob continue to leave bad reviews on business websites and Trip Advisor after they discover businesses with even tenuous links to hunting through holding meets or supplying them with goods. And so the vile abuse of hunters by sabs and antis continues online and their families are threatened.

David Keane is not alone. There is always Kevin Greaves up at Nottinghamshire County Council:


Let’s give Greaves some credit. Accusing fox-hunters of barbaric, twisted and dehumanising behaviour – while actually dehumanising them in the same article – is pretty impressive.

Then there’s charming Andrew Tomkinson. Tomkinson is the equivalent of the Fabian Society’s George Bernard Shaw who wanted to liquidise a large segment of the British population, just as Tomkinson wants to annihilate us hunting untermenschen:


At least Hitler’s plans were to strengthen the gene pool and not dilute it! (Talking of Hitler – “If you tell a big lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” The latest chatter going around the antis is that even Hitler banned hunting with hounds as he thought it was cruel. Really? And not because one of his henchman had a word in Hitler’s ear about the very real possibility of free ranging fox hunts with influential members of the aristocracy stumbling across one of the six death camps he had squirrelled away in the German countryside?)

Lord Burns in the House of Lords 12th Mar 2001 –

At the same time we should also recognise that we are dealing with species where landowners believe that the population numbers must be managed. If hunting were subject to a ban, I have little doubt that at least an equivalent number of foxes, deer and hares would be killed by other means. The number of deaths is not likely to be reduced by banning hunting. Instead we are talking about alternative means of killing and whether they are more or less humane”

Saboteurs save the fox for a snare or gun the next day, that is if they haven’t already headed the fox back in to the path of hounds while they spray citronella everywhere. So they are not saving foxes – merely either shortening or lengthening their life span for a cursory period of time. What is the point of that?

What did the MAFF/DEFRA say to the Government inquiry?

“If there was any reduction in fox control using hounds, this would have to be compensated by an increase in other methods of control to ensure no increase in local fox numbers.”

So what is the true motivation of sabs?

The more we think of it, for most sabs it’s about the money. Nothing to do with saving animals, as they are not stupid and can do the maths. They know that pests like foxes have to be managed. Some of the sabs are making a career on the back of donations. After writing up a hunt hit report on Facebook, they can brainwash sufficient numbers of people who believe their lies and their fraudulent videos. It’s a sad state of affairs which needs legal changes – to protect both sides of (watch the word we use without hesitation) humans.