A Prayer for Our Grandchildren


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine it is a great honour as always to write these lines for You this Sunday. I trust that You are well and that Your families are healthy.

One of the greatest joys in life is having grandchildren. Those of You who are lucky enough to see Your grandchildren should first think of those grandparents who cannot. This could be because of distance or family breakdowns. The ache these grandparents feel is hardly negligible and merits our prayers.

Those lucky enough to see their grandchildren should enjoy them but also remember how much of a role model they are for their children’s children.  They should be aware that a framed picture of their faces will stare down on their grandchildren when they are adults. What will the grandchildren remember them by? What will be the words that the photograph conjures?

In these busy days it is the grandparents who have the spare time and not the parents. In most cases this presents a great opportunity to cover ground with the grandchildren which parents do not have time to enjoy – reading to them, walking with them and going off on visits to places which parents have no time or money to see with them.

You will die sooner than Your grandchildren. They will ask You how old You are. You may have already lost Your partner to death so there is a chance to build an image in their minds not of darkness but of light, so that they grow up in faith rather than hiding behind sofas.

I wish You all a wonderful week. God Bless You all.

Heavenly Father,

It is such as blessing, such a joy to have grandchildren. We love them with such passion and know each moment spent with them is of great value. Help us to only add and give into their lives. To follow the leading of their parents, but also to sow unique special seeds of love and acceptance into their hearts. Holy Spirit lead us as we prayer for them. Help is be in tune with their worries and challenges. Bless our relationship with them, that we might display your love, and lead them into the grace and freedom of your kingdom.