Tomorrow Britain Dies?


Tomorrow is vital. Turnout is key. Even if You think that You live in a safe Tory seat, or You are fed up to the back teeth of politics, Your vote has never been so important. Even if You are down with flu, brave the weather to lend the Conservative Party and The Country Your vote.


  • As the last two General Elections have demonstrated, the polls can be badly wrong.
  • The result this time could go down to the wire.
  • Look at the Labour and Momentum social media accounts and fora – they still think they have a great chance of taking Downing Street this Friday. 

So what?

  • If You are a Brexiteer and want Brexit sorted – and the Christmas present of the obliteration of Continuity Remain – then only a Conservative Majority will do. 
  • If You love Britain and cannot stand the idea of Britain-hating Corbyn and his Marxist thugs in charge of Britain, a vote for anyone except the Conservatives helps Corbyn fulfil his Hard Left dreams. 

To achieve success and survival for Britain, all anti-Corbyn and pro-Brexit voters – no matter what their past allegiances or their personal hostility to Boris Johnson – must vote tactically for the Conservatives. Here is how – take a look at Your constituency and see how to nail Continuity Remain and to send dangerous Corbyn back to his allotment for the rest of his days.

Ah, but what about the privatisation of the NHS by Boris Johnson?

  • LIE. Conservative Governments have been stewards of the NHS for far longer than Labour. There is no plan afoot by Conservatives to sell off the NHS.

Ah but I am a Brexiteer and Nigel Farage says a vote for the Brexit Party is the only way of securing Brexit. 

  • LIE. At the start of the election campaign this was possibly true. The Brexit Party is finished. Tragically, a vote for the Brexit Party is a vote for Corbyn now. Imagine voting for a party that thwarted Brexiteers’ last chance of Brexit!

If Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party fail to secure a majority then Corbyn will most likely be the Prime Minister come Friday. If that bloody horrible thought doesn’t inspire You to go out and vote tomorrow then what will?

Let’s end the division and show that British Democracy can never be held back. Let’s teach those “People’s Vote” shysters a lesson or two. Let’s end forever the excited expectancy of Hamas and the IRA – who hope to use a Corbyn Britain for their own ends.

And here, courtesy of the Squires, are some photos of people that may help You get Yourself inspired to go out and vote for the Conservatives, for Brexit and to drop-kick Corbyn into the dustbin of History. Good luck to Us All!