Cigar Today, Persistence Tomorrow


Twitter is simultaneously a brilliant and awful invention – brilliance and awfulness coming in equal measure. At election time the nasty Marxists seem to lose their heads, randomly firing their Gatling gun off with insults. They become hot-headed because they simply do not understand how most of the nation sees through them and will never vote along their madcap lines – so they make mistakes. In defeat they are like rats in a sack.

The brilliance of Twitter is twofold – in the echo chambers it forms within which both nice and nasty find friends and self-importance; in the way that user accounts linked to pernicious ideologies light up like a Christmas tree at key times, exposing networks and influences.

The awfulness of Twitter is threefold – in the brutal brevity of its message size restrictions; its spawning of anonymous trolls and aggrandising negligible entities; in the way that real world publications and businesses still tend to crumple before the Twitter storm, when such a storm could be created by an army of malicious trolls, such as perverse influences like Hate not Hope have yoked in the past.


Arguing with Corbynites and hard left cabals in Britain is a relatively soft business – sticks and stones. Those with any eloquence and influence are mostly propped up by the so-called universities – the only places outliers like they can find gainful employment away from Labour, the BBC, think tanks or sucking full-time on the public teat. Such disputes lack the frisson of going head-to-head in argument with a red-clad Chavista or gin-addled NPA Filipino; acolytes of the Left who are prepared to die for their revolution and kill for it, rather than tweet about it from an armchair. Britain’s soft Marxists run a mile when you give them any wellie and shine a light on the furrowed faces behind their grubby screens. They wail a lot then run away. Bullies are cowards and always end up scarpering.

In modern Britain you know you have hit the target when you get smeared as far right and a fascist. Racist, misogynist and anything phobic are the usual labels of smear the Hard-Left throw around willy-nilly when you expose their lies, their treacherous connections and their socialist heroin. You need not bother to defend your centrist tendencies these days, so absurd the Far Left has become.

Calling someone Hard Left or Far Left is merely a means of distinguishing a Marxist from a Blairite in Britain. Calling someone Far Right – for today’s British leftists this seems to be the equivalent of defining anyone to the right of Owen Jones on the linear axis. Is Laura Kuenssberg really far right? Is Boris Johnson? How about Ken Clarke? If Fascism is to be removed from the far left of the linear axis and put on the far right with the axis looped into a circle then who is the closer to antisemitic Nationalsozialismus, Corbynites or Boris Johnson supporters? It would seem that the Marxists think they can take the progress out of progressive but are merely kicking up dust to obscure their own absurdities and positional frailties.

That Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party have won this General Election in such a thumping manner is wonderful but now the hard work must begin. That the election campaign has shone a light on who the cadres of the Hard Left are and how they operate is a great blessing – yes, they are thugs and live up to the sinister tag. Still, the enemy is at the gate. For though today the victory champagne is sweet, eventually Britain will need a new party to govern and it is vital that the Hard Left is put back in its box at the soonest opportunity – well away from power, with the lid sealed tighter than ever this time. It is vital the next Labour leader is not a true Corbynite.

Tomorrow the Marxists will plot and scheme for 2024. Some have already started. They are already headed to Sauron’s lair with tails between legs. After Boris’ victory some of their puppet-masters are now seriously worried. They should be. While the Marxists regroup and their placers in our society benefit from public money, they now know we know who they are – that means that moderate, electable elements within their party know who they are and can chisel away at their grip of the Labour Party. Such moderates should be the allies of a one-nation Conservative Party which truly loves Britain more than itself.

Only by continuing to expose who they are, how they operate, exposing their frightful antisemitism and breaking Momentum off into a new party or obliterating it altogether can Britain sleep peacefully. Only by continuing to explain to the masses what repulsive and dangerous people they are can Britain’s security and prosperity be maintained. The succession of revelations about them and about their endemic racism must neither slow nor halt. For revelations are better than revolutions – especially in a country like Britain which has succeeded and prospered for centuries by keeping Marxist calumniators and other traitors well at bay.