Sustainable Driven Grouse Shooting

The University of Northampton – as many readers will know – was commissioned by the Uplands Partnership to produce a detailed and objective report reviewing the evidence on whether driven grouse shooting is sustainable. That report was published earlier this month.

The aim of the report was to present the current evidence-based knowledge relating to the economic, ecological and social sustainability of driven grouse shooting (DGS). The report was intended to enable policy makers, those involved in DGS, and other stakeholders to consider all aspects of sustainability before making policy or management decisions about DGS. The full report will be updated on a regular basis. It will be a ‘living document’ continually available as a resource for policy makers and other interested parties. 


This video from the National Gamekeepers Organisation Official Channel is well worth a watch also and should be passed onto as many people as possible so they get to see the facts for themselves: