Expose the Terrorists Among Us


Dear Squires,

This week I noted with interest how Mark Avery of the campaign group Wild Justice turned his nose up at a recent ‘unsettling’ image of the Mendip Hunt Sabs:

“It recalls, too readily for me, paramilitary action” is an odd quote from Mr Avery. The other 2/3 of Wild Justice are comprised of outspoken hunt sabs who’ve been posting these kinds of images in support of these balaclava’d dorks for years.

This is like George Monbiot announcing to his loyal, born-again coterie of ageing, skunk-addled acolytes in Totnes that they’ll suffer his alarmist anti-farmer rants better on hemp.

Cambridge-educated Avery is by far the most intelligent of the Wild Justice 3, a fact shown by his failure, so I hear, to show up on even one day of your High Court civil trial against Chris Packham in May. How disloyal. His colleague, full-throated supporter of hunt sabs, ‘Dr’ Ruth Tingay (who I hear attended every day of the trial) is a pound shop propagandist whose website Raptor Persecution displays a crooked visitor counter, only found its way onto Google News after requests were made in high places, and is crammed with one-sided bunkum let down by yet more manipulated statistics. Those in the know find it amusing that Tingay’s hate-blog, since its inception in 2010, has completely ignored the fact that raptor corpses are clustered around wind farms. Seemingly, one can pick up a doctorate in the middle aisle of Lidl these days.

Avery’s other colleague Chris Packham is alleged to be the ‘President of the Hunt Saboteurs Association’ and does not disguise the pathetic fantasy of taking an anniversary salute for an organisation which the fieldsports community has for many years, and for good reason, directly associated with paramilitary action.

What is the distinction between IRA paramilitaries and hunt saboteurs? Aside from having a separate cause, the commonalities are numerous: they black-and-balaclava their cadres, appoint de facto leadership, attack opponents’ families and businesses, fundraise deceitfully, abuse charitable status, character assassinate through their propaganda arms, seed opponent groups and employ terror tactics even against children. Animal rights activists in the UK have resorted to violent terrorism in the past, how do the public or the police know who is under the balaclava at hunt meets?

Children thrown from frightened horses while out for a weekend ride, vehicles vandalised, businesses threatened, fieldsports participants physically attacked, horses and hounds injured, incessant trolling by sab dross online and groups of aggressive hunt saboteurs hiding behind balaclavas … need I go on? These unhinged and violent individuals are a danger to the public, as the jailing of Paul Allman underlined this week.

If the gullible idiots who join the Hunt Saboteurs Association were made aware of just who the individuals were beneath the balaclavas then they might stay well clear. Violent thug Allman is just one of a long list of thug sabs, there are those who have been done for perverting the course of justice while Incels and paedophiles have joined sab groups. Would you really want to be a part of this police-hating rabble? Would you employ a hunt sab?

Which is why I urge those in possession of their details to club together, share data and have published a directory of hunt saboteurs. It can sit online like the successful sex offenders database for all to leaf through and be appalled by.

Why publish such a directory?

So 1) the public can see how few cadres belong to this sinister organisation 2) can see who their leaders are, and what reach they have into government and public institutions such as Universities and the BBC and 3) can see if any of their employees are associated with the hunt saboteur movement 4) so steps can be taken to having the sabs proscribed and 5) so potential recruits recognise that they’ll get more street cred joining the International Wenches’ Guild or going down the rabbit hole that is hobby horsing.

Publishing the directory will put off gullible student airheads from joining. Those hunt sabs who are working for the NHS, as teachers or in jobs requiring DBS checks will think again about spending their weekends dressing in black, donning balaclavas and scaring children.

Publishing the directory may also open Mr Avery’s eyes – if they are not wide enough open already (Avery is well known for his doublespeak and taqiya) – to the terrorists among us whose ‘X’ threads he deems ‘worth reading’.

Good luck in court!



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