Really? You’re Allergic?

BY ANDY COLLIDGE What a world we live in, overstating almost everything, with entire social groups applying pressure upon themselves because they read something, heard something, or some media ass**** said something. Pressures that are not actually real, but, for an awful lot of people nowadays, an actuality that they seem to have to adhere to; their mindset overruled by the concept that it is … Continue reading Really? You’re Allergic?


Stop FGM Now

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY She’s young, a child, vulnerable and innocent. She is held down. Fear overtakes her. She cries, perhaps screams, she doesn’t understand, it is beyond her comprehension. Her external genitalia are then cut. Mutilated. The ones she trusts the most, who gave her life, who should protect her life at all costs -they are the ones consenting to this. This is Female Genital … Continue reading Stop FGM Now

Alzheimer’s Sufferers are Human

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN This morning was a good one; she remembered who I was. When I tucked my elderly relative safely into her bed last night, as I’ve done every night for the last few years, I did so in the knowledge that she might not remember exactly who I was upon awakening. Alzheimer’s does that. It’s one of the many nasty little tricks this … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Sufferers are Human

The Antibiotic Crisis

BY DR IAN SMITH As we approach 2017, despite being at the apex of medical science, Mankind is in imminent danger from two major public health threats – deadly pandemic flu / viral pathogens and massive antibiotic failure.  Together these two looming threats could wipe out centuries of medical and technological advances and return the world to the Dark Ages. It can happen right here in … Continue reading The Antibiotic Crisis

CSM’s Guide to Avoiding Colds

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Chattering teeth and gloomy evenings are the least of our worries as winter approaches. It’s snotty noses, aching bones, scratchy throats and hacking coughs which become the number one challenges of the season. Doctors are yet to find a cure for the dreaded rhinovirus but here are some preventative measures and remedies extracted from current scientific research, which I’ve put together for … Continue reading CSM’s Guide to Avoiding Colds