Bingo: The Best of British

The history of bingo tells us that the game can trace its origins back to 16th century Italy. The Germans also had a version of the game while the United States are very much responsible for developing bingo as we know it today. Many countries have contributed to a rich history, so just why is bingo largely thought of as being stereotypically British? Whether it’s … Continue reading Bingo: The Best of British

Steak & Ale Pie

Ingredients:   For the pastry:  3 cups (384 grams) all-purpose flour  1/2 teaspoon salt  1 cup (8 ounces/226 grams) unsalted butter, cubed and kept cold until ready to use  1/2 cup (118 ml) cold water  1 large egg beaten to brush on pastry  For the filling:  1 tablespoon vegetable oil  1 tablespoon unsalted butter  2 pounds (907 grams) beef chuck, cut into bite size cubes  1 … Continue reading Steak & Ale Pie