Time for Optimism

CSM EDITORIAL For Brexiteers the last three years have been as annoying as can be. We’ve had Project Fear thrown at us, a Continuity Remain backlash – thrusting all kinds of muppets into the public conversation – and we’ve had a Prime Minister who both thwarted Brexit and lost the plot. Maybe we should have expected blowback from the European Union – they need our … Continue reading Time for Optimism

Deutschland: Doubtland

BY┬áMAX VELTEN The Volkswagen brand, along with the Germany Inc. brand, is worth a lot less than it was before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accused the company of rigging the emissions data on almost half a million of its diesel-powered cars sold in the United States between 2009 and 2015. Volkswagen admitted that 11 million of its cars worldwide had been rigged to fool … Continue reading Deutschland: Doubtland