Seumas Milne would have slept badly last night. All that the rabble comprising the Labour front bench needed to do was sit back and watch the Tories squabble as the issue of Brexit turned them into rabid dogs. Either Theresa May would fall after Christmas when her deal finally came to a parliamentary vote. Or May would bring on a no deal which would result in the kind of chaos a desperate people would risk a Labour government to rescue itself from. So said Seumas, Dawn Butler, Jon Lansman and other Labour gurus.

Then Corbyn messed up. Again. Horribly.

You don’t have to be a lip-reader to see that Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a stupid woman. But that’s not the point (maybe more than half the country has privately called her a stupid woman at some point or other since the last election). The point is what happened after that. The lie. The gross error of judgment. The “stupid people” excuse which all the world could see to be as fraudulent as the Labour front bench act.

Of course, Communists and Britain-haters masquerading as Labour politicians is the real lie. And at times like this – when their leader’s obvious lies get exposed – the British public get a chance to see through the Labour fraud.

Why are Labour’s poll ratings so bad at a time when the Tories are all over the place because of Brexit? Why are Corbyn’s ratings as bad as any leader Britain has ever had? Because more and more people are seeing through him and the hijacked party he leads. Middle class liars masquerading as the party of the working class. Milne’s hope that Corbyn might get away with his lies in an age of fake news is turning out to be misplaced.

Despite the turmoil of recent days, Theresa May remains much more trusted than Labour leader Corbyn to lead the country through Brexit, figures show. A total of 42% of the public think Mrs May would be more competent to do so, with 22% backing Corbyn. Is that peak Corbyn?

Corbyn’s lies keep on coming. Here’s a memorable sprinkling:

Corbyn claimed the train carriage he was in on a trip to Newcastle was “ram-packed.” He denied that he’d said article 50 should be immediately invoked. He said membership of the Labour Party at 540,000 was the biggest it’s ever been but between 1945 and 1980 membership was considerably higher, over a million for a few years in 1951. He told Red Pepper he had had “never had any higher education of any sort,” whereas he, in fact, dropped out of North London Polytechnic after a year. Corbyn lied about laying a wreath at the grave of the Munich terrorist in Tunisia. And so on.

We expect our politicians to lie but we also expect them to apologise when they are caught lying blatantly. So where are Jeremy Corbyn’s apologies? Why yesterday was Corbyn advised to lie about what the whole nation could see he said?

A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood. Labour’s game is up. Its lies are windows on its true goals of a socialist state and an end to capitalism.

We can see through you all, Labour. Here’s some truth to counter your lies: you’ll never form a government in this great country as long as your leadership and new core are comprised of antisemitic Marxists who pretend to be mainstream politicians. We’d rather have any government than you Britain-hating liars.