Seditious in the Extreme


Dominic Grieve – the former Attorney General and ardent Remainer, who was sacked by David Cameron – seeks by Order No. 14(1) to enable Parliament to take over the Brexit process. To the interminable fury of Brexiteers, this would see a cluster of Remainers revoke Article 50 – or cancel Brexit altogether. The intricacies of the amendment and what it would mean to British Democracy thereafter are well spelled out in a Nikki Da Costa piece in The Spectator here.

Country Squire’s source in the Palace of Westminster had this to say about Grieve’s (thus far merely speculated upon) plot:

“Order No. 14(1) is seditious in the extreme. Grieve has gone feral. He knows that if accepted by the Speaker and passed by the House, the Government will be unable to function. Not so much Cromwell as the French Revolution. If the Speaker falls for this he should be shot (figurative). The clerks should resign if he overrules their advice (which I am certain they will offer against it). It is not just a modest alteration (‘to protect backbenchers’). It is a constitutional bomb. He might claim it would not set a precedent, but it would.”

Why would Dominic Grieve – who was once considered a sensible and oracle-like legal eagle amongst Tory ranks – throw away his parliamentary career and reputation in an attempt, as he sees it, to throw the baby (our democracy) out with the bath water (Brexit)?

As our correspondent Alexia James wrote last week, Camp Remoan is now getting so desperate it will try anything to prevent Brexit. After poor showings from Labour last week for the second referendum and a damp squib of a Conservative second vote launch which followed, they are coming to realise that their views are not held in a widespread way across the country. That Remainers and Leavers have moved on. Just the bitter, Westminster village Remoaners are left, making even more of an embarrassment of themselves.

Surely Grieve can polish his glasses and see what the result of his amendment would be?

As Dan Hodges pointed out, even MPs are talking about loading their shotguns.

Someone lend the poor man some spectacle wipes. The Squires wish Mr Grieve well in his recuperation.

As for Speaker Bercow…. someone  be a dear and let him know that sanglier hunting season is well underway.