Peterborough Up Next


Despite the Brexit Party’s extraordinary victory in the European elections, it would seem that the message has not sunk in yet with Camp Remoan. Aside from continuity remainers claiming victory on Sunday night (delusion has no limits), the likes of Jeremy Hunt are now coming out against a WTO exit, and EU diehards like David Gauke warn the Conservative Party against populism and “yearning for a mythical” past.

When your house is on fire it is best to do something about it. Or all that you’ll have left will be cinders.

A reminder to some Conservative MPs – the Conservative Party does not have a right to govern. Nor does the Labour Party. Nor does any party. And the EU elections showed what can happen when people who have supported one party all their lives decide that democracy has been thwarted by those they trusted with their votes. Populism – being popular – is rather an important asset when it comes to elections, especially when your party’s future is on the line. Popularity is the most important asset after May’s 2017 disaster – like it or not.

So, if the message has not sunk in yet, it’s down to Peterborough for Brexiteers – to rattle the timbers of the traditional parties once more. There is a by-election there on June 6th with all the ingredients for a big Brexit Party win. Mike Greene is the Brexit Party’s candidate for the Peterborough by-election. Greene, who appeared on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire, is a lifelong Conservative supporter, a former trustee of Peterborough Cathedral and local benefactor. He built his business globally before returning to the city where he grew up.

Labour’s brand was trashed in Peterborough by the Labour MP Fiona Onasanya, who was jailed in January for lying about a speeding offence. She is the first MP to be removed by recall petition, signed by more than a quarter of eligible constituents, who are still angry with her. Although Labour have a strong campaign team on the ground in Peterborough, they will have a big problem making their apologies heard. Meanwhile the Tories are in a mess – in the May vacuum. And Peterborough is not a remain town, so the Lib Dems cannot expect to be the surprised and lucky recipients of piles of votes from politically homeless Remainers this time round.

Anyone in Peterborough who voted Brexit should vote for Mr Greene.

Having a Brexit Party MP in Parliament may be just the push that the Tory Party needs to wake up to a Brexiteer PM who means it when they say we leave on October 31st. It may assist the DUP when they have a whisper in the ear of deluded leadership candidates like Rory Stewart – the DUP must surely have the final say in who the next Tory leader is, as how else can a Government be maintained under a new PM?

Come on, Peterborough. Do your duty. All eyes are on you.