Circumventing Threats


The greatest tangible threat to Britain is a Corbyn Government – whether for a few days or many years – as the Corbynites are self-confessed Marxists who want nothing less than a revolution. When Rod Liddle was just starting out as a journalist when Robert Mugabe took power, back in 1980, he asked his predecessor, Ian Smith, how he thought Mugabe would manage the country. “He will cause mass starvation and kill all of his political opponents,” Smith replied. Marxists are easy to predict – once the money runs out they seek enemies at home to blame and inevitably blood gets spilt. Ask the poor Venezuelans who suffer from Chavez’ version of socialism which John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn so admire.

The second greatest threat to Britain is an SNP-Liberal Democrat-Labour-Green Remain alliance. The fact is that Corbyn’s Labour does not care about Brexit as much as it cares about Marxist revolution. If it’s the useful idiots of the Liberal Democrats or fellow travellers like much of the SNP that gets Labour’s revolution going then that’s a small sacrifice – those alliances will drop off in some rigged vote later down the line once the Queen’s been got rid of and the break-up of the union has occurred. The irony is that the only party who can cause such an unholy alliance of Remain parties is the Brexit Party, who – when the election inevitably comes – could water down the Conservative vote, just as failure by Brexiteers to vote strategically per seat and in unison nationally could see Brexit and Britain lost forever.

The third greatest threat to Britain is Continuity Remain. The likes of Philip Hammond consulting with EU lawyers, Alastair Campbell calling for a second referendum – a sure-fire way to start a civil war – and the blatantly partisan Speaker John Bercow helping thwart at every turn the will of the British People as expressed in the EU Referendum of 2016. Continuity remain do not represent Britain – they are on the side of the EU and they shall be judged by History as brainwashed or traitors.

When our great grandchildren look back from the future at this time – when so much was on the line for our country and the stakes were so high – a bit of creative law-bending from Boris Johnson will seem as nothing compared to the three threats above. The first and second threat spell the end of Britain as we know it. The third threat – should Continuity Remain somehow get its way – will result in the dissipation of Britishness and the locking-in of this country to a failing project based on a German-centric currency and central impositions of migrants to member states, which can only end up in smoke further down the line.

So, when commentators chide Boris Johnson for using warlike terms such as “surrender” and “traitor” do not be fooled. The Prime Minister is justified as are his allies, both Brexiteers and democracy-respecting Remainers who respect the referendum result. The stakes are now Churchillian high. A bit of creative law-bending to cancel out Bercow’s “creative blocking” – the imposition of a national emergency in the face of possible food shortages, for example – would be seen from the future as a just war; as mere Mers-el-Kébir. A No Deal Halloween  – courtesy of the void of leadership during the May years – is now Britain’s only chance of escape and salvation.