Expect a Boris Bounce


The Labour Conference was weak fare. A party split by Brexit, feuds between Trotskyites and Blairites and a leader who has been reduced to changing his spectacles every couple of weeks just in case they give him a new look which some might mistake as Prime Ministerial. Every now and again the electable facade slipped – nationalising cutting-edge drug companies (pharmaceuticals are one of the UK’s biggest exports), abolishing private schools and a 4-day week are the sort of ideas which the spotty Marxist in a sixth-form politics class draws up in his coursework manifesto. Labour has become the party of the disaffected – looking around the hall at the oddbods and obesity on display, one is forced to ask the question, how did Britain allow these people to become such Britain-haters in the first place? Isn’t it just that they hate themselves? Where did we go wrong, or are they all as dim and brainwashed as Laura Pidcock?

The Supreme Court verdict was a shocker. Nonetheless there is enough information out there in the pubs and living rooms of Britain for Brexiteers to smell a rat. We voted to leave the EU and we now witness a political establishment trying everything to prevent that. The Parliament (no longer Our Parliament), the Speaker, the BBC, large swathes of the civil service and certain elements of big business are still trying to stop Brexit. The Supreme Court yesterday, to most Brexiteers’ minds, simply declared itself as pro Remain too.

To the Brexiteer the world is binary – Brexit prevention or Brexit – and those who range against Brexit will simply be swept away at the earliest opportunity. So, the more resistance that Remainers put in the path of the inevitable outcome the more anger and the more impetus Brexit garners. Yesterday’s intervention by Guy Verhofstadt suggesting that neither Boris Johnson nor Brexiteers should ever call the EU undemocratic again was another blessing for the Brexit cause – now that the genie of the EU democratic deficit is well and truly out of the bottle. When will these people learn that if you tell the British People “can’t” – well, they bloody well will.

It’s a shame that the Brexit issue has descended to a Brit v Brit battle. But it’s more nuanced than that. As a Remainer in our team jumped with joy yesterday at the news of the Supreme Court verdict, we asked her if she’d vote for the Lib Dems or Labour at the next election. “Boris,” she meekly replied. She’s not stupid. She may see Brexit as Brexshit but a Corbyn Government, whether stand alone or in coalition, is Armageddon.

Boris is the only vessel left for Brexiteers – and for the sane – who see an SNP-Labour / Lib Dem or SNP / Labour pact for what it is: Venezuela.

The next election when it comes is what really counts. All Boris needs to do is find some mechanism to get across the line and deliver Brexit then run a sound campaign on sound policies buoyed by the goodwill of over half the nation. The prize is the overnight evaporation of the Lib Dems and the Brexit Party – a head to head between the disaffected Marxists and a refreshed, emboldened Tory Party which has shed its naysayers and shines bright in the eyes of America and other foreign powers with whom we will inevitably have to do more business as our European friends recognise the hole in their pocket can never be truly fixed.