Once Bitten Twice Shy


The wannabe doctor Annabelle Lea is a product of a left wing educational system that has indoctrinated her all through her young life.

This is why Labour want the voting age lowered – so many of the young have been brainwashed by leftist ideology by 16. I know this phenomenon is rife – some of my research into hunting over the years included speaking to a former student of one academic from a West Country University:

“No one ever spoke out, plus we weren’t going to challenge someone who claimed to be an expert…….sometimes I wanted to laugh out loud.”

Incidentally, the academic in question was getting additional funding through a website to promote a narrative for animal rights groups. This narrative was then used by the Labour Party and appears in their latest manifesto as a commitment. Pay the Labour ferryman and he’ll say anything as long as it stirs emotions in the electorate.

The development of the brain is a complex process – the frontal lobe does not fully develop until we are 25 by which time many are spat out of the left wing educational system into the big wide world and into jobs. This is the big awakening for many these days – as they step into graduate schemes and desk jobs in services.

My own departure from education was very different. I was on the shop floor of a factory as soon as I was legally available for work. I was 16 on the Saturday and started work on the Monday.

Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part. This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with good judgement and an awareness of long-term consequences. Teens process information with the amygdala. This is the emotional part. In teens’ brains, the connections between the emotional part of the brain and the decision-making centre are still developing—and not always at the same rate. That’s why when teens have overwhelming emotional input, they can’t explain later what they were thinking. They weren’t thinking as much as they were feeling. (University of Rochester Medical Centre)

This is where my left wing experiences came into play. I was that wannabe doctor, in fact I had more claim to Labour then little miss prissy knickers. I was a council house comprehensive school kid from Watford, where tribalism was ubiquitous. Fights between schools, areas and over football teams were just part of everyday normal life. Both my parents were Labour but were insistent it was my choice who I voted for when I reached 18. However overhearing their conversations affected my young mind, “one rule for them and one rule for us”, “we are working class and poor, they are middle class and loaded”. I was Labour through and through – envious.

My mother was brought up in a mid-terrace behind a slaughter house in Watford. She was typical of the working class families at the time – her parents kept chickens and a bath tub hung on the outside toilet door and it was bloody freezing in winter. She enjoyed her childhood and hung around her older brother, she left school at 15 and was pregnant at 19 with my older sister.

My Father was born down on hellfire corner AKA Dover. He was too young to be evacuated during the war and so spent his early years living in a bomb shelter. It wasn’t safe to live in the houses because the Germans had those long range guns that could land shells in Dover and they did daily, hence the moniker hell fire corner. This had a profound effect on his schooling – when he should have been in a classroom he was watching dog fights over the channel or playing in bombed out houses. After finishing national service he worked on fork lifting jobs but these working men of the time were no fools. They read Arthur C Clark and played chess during the lunchtime break, many missed out on a good education because of the war but they were determined to make up for it.

The most powerful left wing indoctrination was forced on me not at home but at school. Thatcher had come to power in 1979 a year before I left school and the teachers openly voiced their concern that we were wasting our time getting educated as the Tories were now in power and unemployment was going to spiral. I grew up hating ‘posh snobs’ and everything they did and that included those bloody horses they rode – damn things clogging up the lanes on a Sunday morning.

Then something changed – I reached 24 and got married and my then wife on our honeymoon suggested we go pony trekking. Instead of my usual dismissal surrounding ‘I ain’t no snob’ I found myself open to the idea and what’s more I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. A riding school was quickly found on returning home and for the next few years I was happy as Larry galloping around Woburn Woods.

Something then clicked in me. I wanted to go a step further with my riding and that step further involved going different places on horseback, places usually not afforded me through normal riding – only hunting provided this outlet.

I confided in my father that I was exploring ‘hunting’ and he said, to my utter surprise, “whatever you do, never explain yourself to anyone or make excuses, that hunting lot are forever doing that. So if you go off and do that old malarkey, you get at them son.”

So I sat down one weekend and went over the arguments for and against and even took a day off work to visit the Grafton hunt by car to observe. What I found shocked me. I found the ‘hunt’ to be made up of nice, well-mannered ordinary people from various backgrounds and the information I had read about them was fabricated – none of it made any sense.

How can anyone claim to be a lover of foxes and mortified at their death only to offer a far more efficient solution to killing them as a replacement to traditional hunting in the event of a ban? In the end hunting was banned because Labour – appealing to those short of frontal lobes – assured us they had won all the arguments without winning any arguments.

This I believe answers the question about folk in the North this election. This is the first time in their lives they have been exposed to political ideology rather than logic and reason – through social media and military neighbours who exposed the Labour traitors in our midst. They watched the Left twist and turn over Brexit and hatch every conceivable dirty trick to prevent it happening. They have been smeared as thick, gammon and racists merely for carrying out their democratic duty, thus they have had a rude awakening to Labour’s emotion-sparking political ideology  and cannot stand the buggers now. They now watch as Corbyn refuses to resign and this just regurgitates the same old ideological nonsense based on the same old narratives with a different set of lies. They see right through Corbyn and Labour – once bitten twice shy.

A great opportunity has come about for our country. We can end the envy of Labour by finishing them off and replacing them with a sound opposition who can actually get stuff done.