Glorious Cream

BY AMANDA CUMMINS So many of our favourite puddings in the summer have one ingredient in common. Cream. Specifically, double cream. Fools, mousses, possets, syllabubs. And luscious, seductively moreish homemade ice-cream. The idea of homemade ice cream might seem a bit of a faff if one lacks an ice-cream maker but, frankly, an ice-cream maker is one of those kitchen gizmos which seem a good idea … Continue reading Glorious Cream


BY AMANDA CUMMINS A long life, well-lived. Well, Daddy certainly had a long life.  But the well-lived part started to unravel five years ago. Who could have thought that with every setback he’d not quite bounce back, but certainly totter back.  His was the most unshakeable spirit coupled with huge optimism, – a few weeks before he died, he asked me to buy some new … Continue reading Memories

Mr Royal Warrant

BY AMANDA CUMMINS My mama used to buy me clothes, which were presented with a shrugged shoulder and a muttered “you won’t like it”. On occasion, she was absolutely right: some quite dreadful garment would be unveiled. I’d smile with barely disguised horror. “It” would be worn once and then be consigned to the Really Awful Things Never To Be Worn Again section of the … Continue reading Mr Royal Warrant

Summer Buffet Nears

BY AMANDA CUMMINS April is tapping at the calendar’s door and already the pencils are being sharpened, and ideas tossed about, as the season of the Summer Buffet nears. Those of my grandmothers’ generation held lunch parties at which cold collations were served, and these included various items en gelée (what I called “things in aspic”) for which I hold a dislike that is only … Continue reading Summer Buffet Nears

Trinidad Runaway

BY AMANDA CUMMINS When I was a little girl in Trinidad, I ran away from home. Teddy clutched in my arms, and emergency supplies (I can’ t remember what they were, but they were important) in my school satchel, I opened the garden gate which was usually locked (more to deter incursions than for containing a 5-year-old). I remember it vividly. Standing on the road … Continue reading Trinidad Runaway

Christmas Day in Trinidad

BY AMANDA CUMMINS For some inexplicable reason, the other day I was looking through my paternal grandmother’s recipe book – or, more accurately, given that she started writing in this ledger in 1916 prior to her marriage, her Collection of Receipts. It makes fascinating reading. It is heavy, and I use the word in its most literal sense, especially in respect to puddings. Nothing seems … Continue reading Christmas Day in Trinidad