Society of the Perpetually Offended

BY BEN PENSANT Unless you’ve been asleep for the last month you can’t fail to have noticed Stop Funding Hate breaking the internet after self-righteously hounding Paperchase and Pizza Hut for doing promotions with newspapers they don’t like. As a result, they’ve been recruiting new supporters daily, some of whom have even read up on the campaign, and SFH’s stated aim of political censorship-via-corporate blackmail. … Continue reading Society of the Perpetually Offended

When a Man Loathes a Woman

BY BEN PENSANT Donald Trump has done some truly despicable things. From deporting transgender soldiers to mocking a disabled beauty queen, from building a wall around Charlottesville to grabbing his daughter’s p****, there are few depths this dangerous knave hasn’t plumbed in the name of white supremacy. Yet just when we think he can’t stoop any lower, he horrifies us again with his alarming capacity … Continue reading When a Man Loathes a Woman

Stop Funding Hate Censor & Suck

BY BEN PENSANT Every now and then a heart-warming example of human endeavour allows you to fleetingly forget the horror of being alive today. And my day was brightened by one such example last week when I read about the brave Dutchman who took on a supermarket chain over their micro-aggressive positioning of hate-filled newspapers where customers can see them. ‘Dear @waitrose, could you put … Continue reading Stop Funding Hate Censor & Suck

Tear the Statues Down!

BY BEN PENSANT Is there anything the far left love more than doctoring history? From the holocaust and The Great Purge to 9/11 and the 2017 general election, give us a documented event that messes with our narrative and we’ll move hell or high water to pretend it didn’t happen that way. And if hell or high water refuse to budge we’ll take a metal pole to them until they darn well do. But brave US leftists have recently taken this one step … Continue reading Tear the Statues Down!

BBC3 is Marvellous

BY BEN PENSANT There are few institutions more infuriatingly disappointing than the BBC. On paper the Beeb should be cherished by progressives everywhere: state-owned, publicly funded, impeccably PC and overwhelmingly staffed by the kind of people who suffer recurring nightmares about post-Brexit hate crime and Islington kale droughts. Yet it can’t help but let itself down with its rampant anti-Corbynism, regularly smearing and disrespecting the … Continue reading BBC3 is Marvellous

The Half Story of Owen Jones

BY BEN PENSANT I’m sure I wasn’t the only Corbynite awoken from their post-Loose Women nap some weeks ago by a flurry of social media alerts informing me something amazing had happened. As I checked my phone my mind buzzed with intrigue: Was Katie Hopkins dead? Were Chumbawamba reforming? Had PM Corbyn trebled Income Support so I can continue to spend my afternoons watching Bargain … Continue reading The Half Story of Owen Jones

The Two Faces of Linehan

BY BEN PENSANT Has there ever been a better time to be a progressive? From Labour’s stunning election victory to Theresa May’s nervous breakdown, it seems the good news never stops. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever so it was with great sadness I recently learnt wounded Republican congressman Steve Scalise – shot three weeks ago by brave Bernie Sanders obsessive James Hodgkinson – had been discharged from hospital, his condition described as ‘fair’. Typical. No … Continue reading The Two Faces of Linehan

The Corbynista Excuse Handbook

BY BEN PENSANT If Jeremy Corbyn loses on June 8th, expect the Corbynistas to draw on these five typical Labour excuses: 1. Stupidity Should the British people reject both Jezza’s principled socialism and the middle-class movement to stop Brexit, much will be written about the role played by the chaotic ineptness of the opposition. Don’t believe a word of it. Because who but the most educationally subnormal bin-man would fail … Continue reading The Corbynista Excuse Handbook

Dan On Fire

  BY BEN PENSANT Of all the questions that I’m regularly asked by right-wing trolls – from ‘Do you know the difference between reported crimes and actual crimes?’ to ‘Why does a man who supports LGBT rights celebrate a regime that hangs gays?’ – by far the most frequent revolve around the divisive issue of free speech. Divisive, that is, to right-wing trolls; we regressives are characteristically clear on freedom of … Continue reading Dan On Fire

Working Class Liaison Officer

BY BEN PENSANT As both a northerner and a former student I know what it’s like to be the smartest person in the room and the only one to have been locked in the shed on his sixth birthday. While the first scenario would occur every time I returned home and listened to my Woodpecker-addled family’s inane chit-chat about buses, the latter memory would often … Continue reading Working Class Liaison Officer

Fraser’s Edge

BY BEN PENSANT 2016 was officially the worst year EVER. That’s a fact – there’s been surveys and everything. Sure, there was a rise in life expectancy and a fall in world hunger; the discovery of gravitational waves and Juno’s exploration of Jupiter; ground-breaking advancements in eradicating HIV, cancer, malaria and measles. But it means nothing when you remember we left the EU, a bad man won an election and a load of famous … Continue reading Fraser’s Edge

Thoughts of a Leftie

BY BEN PENSANT A common misconception of the regressive left is that we hate anyone who disagrees with us. From smearing people who voted to leave the EU as bigoted morons to branding liberals like Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz ‘anti-Muslim extremists’, the accepted wisdom is that we refuse to tolerate opposing views, especially ones which expose our ideology as hypocritical horse-shit. However, as anyone … Continue reading Thoughts of a Leftie