Somewheres & Anywheres

BY STEWART SLATER Baffled by Brexit? Taken aback by Trump? Perplexed by Populism? You are not alone. Countless words have been spilled over recent years trying to make sense of the West’s ongoing political convulsions. If, however, a consensus is emerging over the concerns which have driven such eruptions, less attention is given to how we should solve them, or, indeed, if we should even … Continue reading Somewheres & Anywheres

The Trashing of Truss’s Trousseau

THE CITY GRUMP The dowry of goodwill that we would normally expect to endow a new Prime Minister with has been well and truly trashed. The chorus of disapproval for what she and her Chancellor are trying to achieve has been deafening. Is the hue and cry reasonable, logical and justifiable or a Tower of Babel full of noise and confusion? I emphatically believe it … Continue reading The Trashing of Truss’s Trousseau

Divine Wind?

BY JAMES FAULKNER This is the first Tory government since Thatcher – but is it too late? The “KamiKwasi” budget is how an apoplectic media establishment is framing Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng’s so-called “fiscal event”. Prime Minister Liz Truss’s new finance minister aimed to shock and awe the markets – and he certainly did. Sterling tumbled to an all-time low against the almighty … Continue reading Divine Wind?

Lockdowns: Entrapment of the Global Economy

BY BERNADETTE SPOFFORTH You cannot shut down an economy without catastrophic long-term damage. The damage of unintended consequences permeates like the butterfly effect, reaching industries and supply chains not even originally considered. From copper to turkeys, all products are made somewhere, and all services are provided by someone. Those who enjoyed their 18 months of “rest” will blame Brexit for the inflation that hits their … Continue reading Lockdowns: Entrapment of the Global Economy

What’s Eating British Capitalism?

THE CITY GRUMP “Current existing systems massively reward high status well connected people” As usual Dominic Cummings hit the nail on the head when answering a question on checks and balances in front of the Science and Technology Committee last week (I sometimes fantasise over what could have been achieved if the Blessed Margaret had worked with Cummings instead of our current dissembling PM). I … Continue reading What’s Eating British Capitalism?

Enterprise Oil up against Politicians’ Water

THE CITY GRUMP Why do the leaders of our same old political parties remain clueless when it comes to understanding what enterprise is all about? Last week, the lawyer who now runs Her Majesty’s Opposition provided an epic display of this ineptitude when he laid out his vision for our post pandemic economy. What is even more dotty is the Tories, who used to have … Continue reading Enterprise Oil up against Politicians’ Water

A Political CGT Blueprint

THE CITY GRUMP As government debt skyrockets, thanks to Covid19 lockdowns, naturally the Treasury’s thoughts turn to increasing taxes.  Some think the holy grail is to seek out tax, which will be worth collecting and somehow be seen to make life fairer for us citizens. To this end the Treasury commissioned the Orwellian sounding Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) to come up with ways of reforming … Continue reading A Political CGT Blueprint

China’s Consumerist Virus

BY BERNADETTE SPOFFORTH China’s exploitation of consumerism is a virus, but we created it. I have many experiences of business in China, over 25 years in fact, from dealing with small family factories to multibillion-dollar factories; good ones, who at least attempt to follow ethical working practices, to ones that hide child workers before inspections. They all have one thing in common – a collective … Continue reading China’s Consumerist Virus

Casting Hume into the Flames

BY EFFIE DEANS How does civilisation begin? It begins with agriculture. Prior to the development of agriculture all we have is hunter gatherers in small bands living from moment to moment intent only on the bare necessities of life such as obtaining food and shelter. What enabled the transition to agriculture? It was the division of labour. In order for people to settle down and … Continue reading Casting Hume into the Flames

The Sunak Handouts

THE CITY GRUMP The mainstream media seem to have fallen hook line and sinker for our photogenic Chancellor’s July 8th handouts. Headlines like “Come dine with me” and “Rishi Dishy” are everywhere, while the FT’s normally sensible Deputy Editor, Robert Shrimsley, declares “Mr Sunak presented a substantial and imaginative statement”. No he didn’t, it is all flash and no substance. Where to start? Okay let’s … Continue reading The Sunak Handouts