Hunting Leaks: Ministry of Lies

BY THE EDITOR Before this weekend I’d never heard of the group Hunting Leaks. They sound like a plumbing firm or a cabinet audit committee. As it turns out, a brand of incontinence pads would be more applicable. I was amused to hear that this group, replete with balaclava crusties and mad cat women, were so flustered as to concoct a ‘take-down’ of me – … Continue reading Hunting Leaks: Ministry of Lies


BY JOHN NASH On February 26th, regular readers of CSM will have enjoyed Roger Watson’s delightful spud-bashing memories of child slavery, reminding us all how comfortable UK life has become over the last seventy years or so. Without going as far as Monty Python’s funny Four Yorkshiremen sketch, things were harder then, but, because we are optimistic humans, two things happened. We have banned many dangerous and … Continue reading Greenwoke

Hunting Kind

BY CAPTAIN ED SWALES Rural Britain is being eradicated, quietly, in the back halls of Westminster, Stormont, Cardiff and Holyrood, by the sour ingredients of a damaging cocktail of misguided urban political correctness, ‘virtue signalling’ and woke agendas. As they used to say in the Army, when unexpectedly under attack…. “Stand To!”. In reality, this threat is from a tiny minority of animal rights extremists, … Continue reading Hunting Kind

Can the Last Man Restart History?

BY STEWART SLATER In one of those ironies of which history seems so fond, Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man celebrates its thirtieth anniversary just as war in Europe adds to the list of events which seem to invalidate its thesis. Like The Great Gatsby and the roaring twenties, or The Bonfire of the Vanities and the go-go eighties, Fukuyama’s work, … Continue reading Can the Last Man Restart History?

Environment Comes Second to Food Security

BY JIM WEBSTER Russia and the Ukraine have been vying for the position of the world’s largest grain exporters for some time. This is the Moscow times from 2019: “Russia has been the global grain exporter top dog for the last three years, but as the agricultural marketing year ended on June 30, it looks like Ukraine has snatched the title back from its rival.” … Continue reading Environment Comes Second to Food Security


BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The 1944 Soviet Military Encyclopaedia refers to: “means of securing combat operations and the daily activities of forces; a complexity of measures, directed to mislead the enemy regarding the presence and disposition of forces.” Russian military deception, known as maskirovka (Russian for ‘disguise’), contributed to major Soviet victories including the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk. In both these cases, … Continue reading Maskirovka

Overcoddling Safetyism

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE To lockdown-weary ears, the word ‘safety’ now takes on a rather dark, draconian ring. Such ears, upon hearing Nadine Dorries’ hopes for the UK to become ‘the safest place in the world to go online’, are attuned to decipher that to mean the least free. Safety was, after all, the pretext for which our freedoms were so casually thrown away. According to … Continue reading Overcoddling Safetyism

Moorland Does Matter

BY IAN COGHILL Back in August I failed to notice that Steve Carver had written a lengthy attack on my book Moorland Matters, using Country Squire Magazine’s ‘right to reply’. He started with a complaint that the oft repeated claim that the UK holds 75% of the world’s heather moorland is incorrect and that saying that there is less heather moorland in the world than … Continue reading Moorland Does Matter

Social Media During the Pandemic: the Good, the Bad, the Trolling

BY JENNY RICKSON The world we live in today is more connected and accessible (outside of covid restrictions, but we can avoid that topic for now) than it has ever been before. The rate of technology progress is faster than it ever has been but slower than it ever will be – could you have imagined just five years ago that virtual meetings would be … Continue reading Social Media During the Pandemic: the Good, the Bad, the Trolling

Looking Back on British Universities

BY ROGER WATSON Welsh poet and playwright Dylan Thomas began ‘at the beginning’ in his famous play Under Milkwood. But when it comes to the present situation in British universities, it is very hard to know either where to start or how it all started. However, we know where we are. In the final months of 2021, we have had the terrible resignation from the … Continue reading Looking Back on British Universities

The Fighter Pilot and the Politicians

BY STEWART SLATER The U.S. Air Force has produced many fine pilots, but only one has regular conferences dedicated to analysing and publicising his thought: John Boyd. Although his combat experience was limited and he never scored a victory, his skills were such that he became known as “40-second Boyd” when an instructor at the Fighter Weapons School based on his standing bet that, starting … Continue reading The Fighter Pilot and the Politicians

Never Forget, Never Again

BY GAVIN CHAMBERS On the 27th of January, I hosted an online event for Holocaust Memorial Day. The day itself is marked for remembrance not only of the Shoah, the attempted destruction of the Jews by Nazi Germany, but also for genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Former Yugoslavia and Darfur. The main point of concentration, however, was the Shoah. We had a rabbi give a talk and … Continue reading Never Forget, Never Again

Global Britain Centre Launches

On the eve of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, India’s foremost authority on geopolitics urged the United Kingdom to play a more assertive role in the Indo-Pacific to counter China’s dangerous “authoritarian capitalism”. The Global Britain Centre held its launch reception at the Carlton Club in London on Tuesday 1 February. Amandeep Singh Bhogal and Lewis Feilder have created the new venture to further … Continue reading Global Britain Centre Launches

Liberal Prejudice or Conservation? Alberto Garzón and Spanish Pigs

BY ED ANDERSON Controversy has erupted here in Spain with left wing Podemos Minister Alberto Garzón, in his role of Consumer Affairs minister, stating in the Guardian that Spain is exporting “poor quality meat from ill-treated animals.” Predictably, many of Spain´s nominally conservative and right wing parties are in an uproar, calling for the minister to resign and Partido Popular (PP) Leader Pablo Casado stating … Continue reading Liberal Prejudice or Conservation? Alberto Garzón and Spanish Pigs

Spare Us from Serious Politicians

BY STEWART SLATER It is time, Bruce Anderson tells readers of The Spectator, for Boris to go. We need a government, not an “ill-run children’s playground”. The time for “frivolity” has passed. No, counters Rory Stewart in the FT. It is not enough for Boris to go, the whole political system must be re-worked so that a Boris can never rise again. We need more … Continue reading Spare Us from Serious Politicians