Star Shooter & Character: Allan Warren

INTERVIEWEE: ALLAN WARREN Allan Warren is a British portrait photographer based in Covent Garden, primarily known for his images of high society including stars of the screen, celebrities and royalty. Allan also happens to be a great character, raconteur and bon vivant. Allan has photographed Mae West, Salvador Dali, Prince Charles, Roger Moore, Joan Collins and many others. Here, in a transcript of their interview, his friend … Continue reading Star Shooter & Character: Allan Warren

Trinidad Runaway

BY AMANDA CUMMINS When I was a little girl in Trinidad, I ran away from home. Teddy clutched in my arms, and emergency supplies (I can’ t remember what they were, but they were important) in my school satchel, I opened the garden gate which was usually locked (more to deter incursions than for containing a 5-year-old). I remember it vividly. Standing on the road … Continue reading Trinidad Runaway

One China or Two?

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Donald Trump’s win on 8th November, based on a campaign of fiery and blistering rhetoric often singling out China, sent shock waves around the globe.  Mainstream media observed closely as world leaders raced to make that all-important phone call to congratulate the unpredictable political virgin.  Some calls were fulsome and some tentatively made but none caused as much furore as the phone … Continue reading One China or Two?

Simple Mince Pie Recipe

Mince Pie Ingredients (for 16 pies) 225g cold butter, diced 250g plain flour 100g caster sugar 280g mincemeat 1 small egg Icing sugar, to dust   How to make Mince Pies  To make the pastry, rub the cold, diced butter into the plain flour, then mix in the caster sugar and add a pinch of salt. Combine the pastry into a ball – don’t add liquid – … Continue reading Simple Mince Pie Recipe

Mulled Wine Recipe

Mulled Wine Ingredients:  10 cloves Zest and juice of 2 oranges 100-150g caster sugar depending on desired sweetness 25g dried cranberries 100g whole blanched almonds 700ml red wine 500ml ruby port 300ml vodka 10 cardamom pods 2 small cinnamon sticks   How to Make Mulled Wine:  Pre-heat the oven to 200°c / gas mark 6 and boil up your kettle. Place the blanched almonds into a … Continue reading Mulled Wine Recipe

Confession of a Plastic Exurbanite

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I have a confession to make. Even though I joyously agreed to be one of the founder writers of Country Squire Magazine, I’ve spent most of my life as something of a plastic exurbanite in the Surrey villages stockbroker belt, where the hedges are perfectly trimmed, Barbours are mere fashion accessories, tractors get polished to a patina and paddocks are mowed in aesthetically-pleasing stripes. … Continue reading Confession of a Plastic Exurbanite

Giles Fraser’s Low Expectations

BY SAM WHITE A recent Giles Fraser article in the Guardian, Assimilation Threatens the Existence of Other Cultures, asserts that wherever you might choose to live, you should feel no obligation to assimilate into the wider culture. He states: I admire the resilience of a community that seeks to maintain its distinctiveness and recognises, quite rightly, that assimilation into the broader culture would mean the … Continue reading Giles Fraser’s Low Expectations

Livingstone Staff Celebrated 9/11

INTERVIEWEE: ATMA SINGH Q: What role did you have when you worked in City Hall in London? Atma: I was lead Policy Adviser to the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, on Asian Affairs in the Mayor’s Office. In addition, I had responsibility for faith matters. Q: Why were you recruited? Atma: I had predicted the rise of Asian superpowers in China and India when all … Continue reading Livingstone Staff Celebrated 9/11

Ghana’s Golden Generation

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN To the annoyance of my minders, I stand amongst a crowd of passengers in the bus park next to Nkrumah Circle, in the smoke-filled heart of Ghana’s capital city, Accra. With vehicles buzzing overhead on a fly-over and stationary ones hooting horns in a jam on the road below, it is not easy to hear or be heard. A huge man in … Continue reading Ghana’s Golden Generation

Country Squire Christmas Competition

Dear Readers, This year Christmas will land barely two months after our launch. Nonetheless, we feel obliged as squires and squiresses to offer you some sort of a Christmas Competition and a must-win prize. So, first to The Prize: it’s 20 litres of  Devon Red Cider from Sandford Orchards in Crediton. “Bags of fruit and a truly satisfying cider bite delivered in a genuinely quaffable and light balanced … Continue reading Country Squire Christmas Competition

How To Be A Country Gentleman

BY ANNA BOWEN You may or may not have read Country Life‘s article; a guide to being a modern day gentleman. The list of attributes includes things like being able to ride a horse and sail a boat, alongside other examples of what that magazine deems chivalrous behaviour. My father took two lessons from school; the ability to polish shoes (thanks cadets) and a brief knowledge … Continue reading How To Be A Country Gentleman

10 People You Meet at Hunt Balls

BY ANNA BOWEN   Ball season is upon us so here’s a handy list… Down a shot for every one that you spot!   1 The Little Princess Allowed at the ball as a very special treat. Wears a sparkly dress and throws a tantrum because she’s not given a glass of wine on arrival. Spills profiteroles over said dress. Papa is very concerned about the years … Continue reading 10 People You Meet at Hunt Balls

Stop Hijacking Jesus, Progressives!

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN In a recent interview with Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari (after past indiscretions Scalfari’s reporting is generally not to be trusted), Pope Francis was said to have uttered the following words: “It has been said many times and my response has always been that, if anything, it is the Communists who think like Christians.” Whether the Pope said these words or not, his … Continue reading Stop Hijacking Jesus, Progressives!