Farts & Music

BY SAM WHITE The inherent leftiness of the arts and music scene is relentlessly stifling, the creative industries having become intractably connected with so-called progressive politics. Those in the industry articulate, of course, a belief in artistic freedom, but it’s a false one, as the strict confines of the like-minded collective invisibly demarcate actual artistic practice. There’s a rejection of capitalism, while working in ways … Continue reading Farts & Music

Bring Back Integrity

BY JAMIE FOSTER “For me, comedy starts as a spew, a kind of explosion, and then you sculpt it from there, if at all. It comes out of a deeper, darker side. Maybe it comes from anger, because I’m outraged by cruel absurdities, the hypocrisy that exists everywhere, even within yourself, where it’s hardest to see.” Robin Williams There is nothing new about hypocrisy, it … Continue reading Bring Back Integrity

Only Minnows Call for Silencing

BY MANDY BALDWIN In the red corner – Donald Trump, who needs no introduction.  In the corner reserved for also-rans – accidental Prime Minister the Appeaser Theresa, berating him as usual with all the erudition of a depressed heron gargling ball-bearings while being held hostage at gunpoint. There were many other people who joined in the hysterical demand for the President of the United States … Continue reading Only Minnows Call for Silencing

Trump’s Kryptonite

BY JOHN ISMAEL Ask a political scientist to come up with a formula for a radical entity that can most annoy Leftists. Who or what would you imagine that they would create? A reincarnation of the Reverend Ian Paisley? Andrew Neil perhaps? Enoch Powell? The late Andrew Breitbart? What about Michael Portillo? Imagine these political scientists with their imaginary cauldrons, concocting this anti-Leftist kryptonite. What … Continue reading Trump’s Kryptonite

Farage & The Angry Bird

BY JAMIE FOSTER Sometimes one wonders if losing candidates in elections would be better off remaining silent about why they thought they lost rather than speaking out and sounding bitter. Hillary Clinton in her interview with the Sunday Times this week decided to speak out and has confirmed if nothing else that she is out of touch with the voters she was trying to inspire. She … Continue reading Farage & The Angry Bird

Truth Twisters

BY JON ALEXANDER I’m sure you all watched on in horror last week as Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. As a result, their infrastructure has been decimated, much of the region is without power, roads are destroyed and their emergency services stretched to the limit. Yet, the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, spoke out against the current U.S Government’s response, begging the current … Continue reading Truth Twisters

Trump V CNN

BY JON ALEXANDER For years, regardless of your political affiliations (if any), the general public has grown tired of Politicians.  “You can’t trust any of them”, “they’re all as bad as each other” amongst many comments spouted over the years.  Whether we accuse them of lying through their teeth, being too smarmy or refusing to answer a question in that politician kind of way that … Continue reading Trump V CNN

Coping With Trump After 100 Days

BY SAM WHITE The 45th president of the United States, Dark Overlord Donald J Trump, has been in office for one hundred days and, against all the odds, Cthulhu hasn’t been summoned, the universe remains in existence, and cats and dogs are not, last time I checked, getting married and living together. Despite the perspiration drenched terror surrounding the Donald’s inauguration, we’ve survived. Of course, … Continue reading Coping With Trump After 100 Days

Metaphors For America

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, 83-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (pictured) was interviewed on BBC Newsnight in late February and declared, “The true symbol of the United States is not the bald eagle. It is the pendulum. And when the pendulum swings too far in one direction it will go back … we are not experiencing the best of times, … Continue reading Metaphors For America

Jammy Sessions

MOTHER The Democrats’ witch hunt against US Attorney General Jeff Sessions for what they describe as lying under oath about contact with Russians during last year’s Presidential campaign has reached fever pitch. However, unless there’s a bombshell between now and the end of the weekend, it would seem that Sessions is destined to survive. As far as political take-downs go, the Democrats’ latest one has … Continue reading Jammy Sessions

Monkey See Monkey Do

BY JON ALEXANDER Since Trump’s election the strangest thing has happened. The Left have suddenly found a new set of morals. It’s really quite astonishing. Actions and events they were happy to witness and even cheer on during the last decade now simply must be stopped. The Left have suddenly determined that a rich, white media mogul (George Soros) is a force for good when … Continue reading Monkey See Monkey Do

Making Piers Morgan Seem Sound

BY SAM WHITE For an indication of how astonishingly badly the left is doing right now, consider this terrifying fact: they’re making Piers Morgan look good. In this clip from Bill Maher’s Real Time, Morgan is verbally barracked by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies. Morgan’s crimes? First, like 63 million Americans last November, he doesn’t agree that Hillary Clinton would make a better president than Donald Trump. … Continue reading Making Piers Morgan Seem Sound

Low Expectations

BY SAM WHITE Which are you, a neo-Nazi or a Stalinist? Would you prefer alt-right white nationalism or soc-jus Marxist absolutism? And do you want that with chips or rice? As the political landscape fractures and shifts, and the not-really-progressive Left continues to handle actual change very badly indeed, an extreme polarisation has taken hold. Issues are being divided into a competitive binary, around which … Continue reading Low Expectations

Why Progressives Get Violent

BY SAM WHITE Before the US election, some on the political left predicted that Donald Trump supporters would be violent if they lost. This can now be seen as an act of psychological projection, as the opposite has actually happened. Immediately after the results came in there were violent demonstrations, including property damage and burned flags. Later, a young Trump supporter in Chicago was kidnapped, … Continue reading Why Progressives Get Violent

March of Madness

BY JON ALEXANDER So, the day after President Trump’s inauguration, millions of women and some men marched across the world because their preferred candidate lost an election in the United States of America.  Any other reasons for the march given by organisers – women’s rights or gay rights – are lies. This march only occurred because Hillary Clinton lost. I have no issue with people expressing their … Continue reading March of Madness

The Diminishing Importance of MSM

BY JON ALEXANDER Well, it’s finally happened. The MSM (Mainstream Media) have just had a major reality check and realised that their importance has been diminished. They all took a side in 2016 politics and one side in particular has been hit so hard it’s unlikely it will recover.  Donald Trump’s press conference last week was a masterclass in trolling and it left the left-wing press … Continue reading The Diminishing Importance of MSM

A Message to The Left

BY JORDAN ROGERS An interesting question posed to me earlier was this: “Is reactionary thought spreading like wildfire, or is it just suddenly more vocal?” It’s a thought-provoking enquiry, but not one that holds much importance. The real question is this: “With the prominence of the right, how will the left respond?” On the U.S. front, the Republicans control both the House and the Senate (albeit … Continue reading A Message to The Left

One China or Two?

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Donald Trump’s win on 8th November, based on a campaign of fiery and blistering rhetoric often singling out China, sent shock waves around the globe.  Mainstream media observed closely as world leaders raced to make that all-important phone call to congratulate the unpredictable political virgin.  Some calls were fulsome and some tentatively made but none caused as much furore as the phone … Continue reading One China or Two?