The Final Frontier?

BY JON ALEXANDER So, if you’re a sci-fi geek like me and obsessed with a certain science fiction TV series, namely Star Trek, then you’re likely to have heard that there’s a new Star Trek in the works; Star Trek Discovery, abbreviated to STD for the purposes of this article. When STD was first announced last year those magic words were uttered; they were planning on … Continue reading The Final Frontier?

A Lesson for the Left

BY JON ALEXANDER   So Marine Le Pen lost in her bid to become France’s next president.  Naturally, when she lost hundreds and thousands of aggrieved Feminists, anti-white, anti-rich privileged ex-bankers took to the streets to violently protest against this injustice? Don’t be silly. Not one word was uttered in protest. Neither French candidate was ideal, much like America’s election six months previously, but the reactions … Continue reading A Lesson for the Left

The Mr Fishfinger Interview

BY JON ALEXANDER “He didn’t sound like a Fishfinger” was the message I sent to my friend on Facebook.  Having just finished a telephone interview with Westmorland and Lonsdale’s newest Parliamentary Candidate – Mr Fishfinger – that was all I could think to say.  He’d been ever so kind to give Country Squire Magazine this exclusive opportunity, so I did not hesitate in dropping him … Continue reading The Mr Fishfinger Interview

Reflecting on Catweasel

BY JON ALEXANDER So, here we are, a week after Labour received a battering in our Local Elections and four weeks before our General Election where Labour are widely expected to experience similar losses if not worse.  Now, faced with their political party’s annihilation, you would think their leaders and supporters would realise the impending drubbing Labour are about to receive and work out how to reconnect with … Continue reading Reflecting on Catweasel

May’s Strategy Pays Off

BY JON ALEXANDER Theresa May has come under fire for refusing to do a televised leadership debate in the run up to the general election and journalists have been complaining that she’s not doing enough media interviews. No one has actually acknowledged this quite brilliant strategy, in fact most of the Conservative Party seem to be following her lead.  Why should she attend a TV … Continue reading May’s Strategy Pays Off

Your Thoughts are Ours

BY JON ALEXANDER Poor Tim Farron. When the General Election was announced, he was in the prime position of being able to hoover up disgruntled Labour voters and Remainers, thereby turning around the fortunes of the Liberal Democrats and giving them a strong chance of becoming the UK’s third largest party in Westminster again. Sadly, t’was not to be. Poor Tim has been repeatedly asked … Continue reading Your Thoughts are Ours

Eighth of May

BY JON ALEXANDER May the 8th.  Put that date in your diaries.  It could signal the beginning of the end of our once globally respected British Broadcasting Corporation. Over one hundred thousand signatures have been gathered on a petition to request that the UK Parliament discuss the future of the institution which was founded ninety-four years ago, in a world very different to now. For … Continue reading Eighth of May

Polls, Experts & Michael Fish

BY JON ALEXANDER Donald Trump has given his critics another cause to break down over last week as he announced on Twitter that any polls which showed him in a negative light were fake.  This was taken as an amusing bit of MSM trolling initially, especially as people rushed to mock him and argue that he was a dictator not interested in public opinion. Any negative polls … Continue reading Polls, Experts & Michael Fish

Populism – A Pointless Insult

BY JON ALEXANDER So, after years of screaming bigot, racist, nazi and a whole heap of other insults our way, the Left have decided to term “populism” as an insult.  A way to describe those who are easily led by the wrong ideas. The sort of people who don’t know what’s best for themselves and rely on the likes of Owen Jones, Laurie Penny and … Continue reading Populism – A Pointless Insult

A Privatisation Even the Left Can Love

BY JON ALEXANDER I read a paper the other day that suggested the institution of marriage should be privatised.  Now don’t roll your eyes, this is a good point. Currently, we rely on the church or state to allow us to marry, but why?  Why if two people wish to complete their lives in this way do they need church or state permission?  From the … Continue reading A Privatisation Even the Left Can Love

March of Madness

BY JON ALEXANDER So, the day after President Trump’s inauguration, millions of women and some men marched across the world because their preferred candidate lost an election in the United States of America.  Any other reasons for the march given by organisers – women’s rights or gay rights – are lies. This march only occurred because Hillary Clinton lost. I have no issue with people expressing their … Continue reading March of Madness

Hollywood’s Stars are Dimming

BY JON ALEXANDER Earlier this month celebrated actress Meryl Streep gave a “brave” speech to a room full of Democrat supporters at the Golden Globes Award ceremony. And it was a great success if you read Democrat-supporting articles. But in what way was it brave? (Streep was basically meowing to a room full of cats…she wasn’t likely to get much opposition in there now, was she?) In … Continue reading Hollywood’s Stars are Dimming